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ii) Post Harvest Horticulture Machine

A) Round Fruits and Vegetable Grader.-

This machine is suitable for grading of round fruits and vegetables according to their diameter. It’s helps to improve the quality of fruits and vegetables by removing defective or damaged fruits and minimizes the labor cost by automatic grading process. This machine is helps to grade the round fruits or vegetables such as apples, oranges, tomatoes, Kinnow and Lemon etc.

B) Manual Inspection table/system.-

A roller inspection table is a specific type of manual inspection table designed for efficiently inspecting fruits and vegetables. It uses a series of rotating rollers to gently move the produce along the table, allowing inspectors to easily view all sides of each item for quality control purposes. The rotating roller is made of food grade and the frame is heavy duty, corrosion resistive type and easy cleaning

C) Washing, Spoging and Waxing.-

This machine is capable to washing, sponging and waxing the fruits and vegetable with gentle handling. The machine is made of food grade material. The washing process is to remove dust, pesticides and other impurities. The frame is made of M.S Structure and the all contact parts are made of food grade. Washing system is provided with water pump and with horse hair brushes for gentle polishing of fruits.
A soft sponge is dampened with water, and the surface of the fruit is gently wiped to remove any dirt or contaminants for drying purpose. This method is often used for delicate fruits with thinner skins or those that are easily bruised. Waxing of fruit is a common practice in the commercial production and distribution of fruits. In the context of fruit typically refers to the application of a thin layer of edible wax onto the surface of fruits. The primary purpose of waxing fruit is to enhance its appearance, protect it during transportation and storage, and extend its shelf life.

D) Hot Air Dryer.-

After washing, sponging and waxing, hot air drying commonly used in commercial fruit processing operations as well as in home food preservation. It is commonly used to dry fruits efficiently to remove excess water on the surface. Hot air drying involves using specialized equipment such as hot air dryers or drying chambers. These devices blow heated air over the surface of the fruits, causing the moisture to evaporate more rapidly.

E).Potato, Onion and Garlic Garder..-

A potato grading machine is a piece of equipment used in the agricultural and food processing industries to sort and grade Potatoes, Onion and Garlic based on various attributes such as size, shape, weight, and quality. This is done by using a perforated rubber belt. The machine available in different size shape and capacity.

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